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What to Wear/Bring:     * Athletic Shorts     * T-Shirt     * Running Shoes     * Personal Towel     * A Great Attitude For Learning
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Objectives for clinic: Throughout the camp different NFL player coaches will address the attendees and give a testimony on the following subjects: Character, Academics, Sportsmanship, Teamwork, Diet / nutrition, and mindset attitude. Quarterbacks— Personalized attention and instruction by our quarterback coaches. The focus of the instruction includes the following: leadership, passing techniques, drop-backs, quickness, footwork, speed and agility, ball handling, hand-offs, pitches and options, passing techniques, sprint-outs, bootlegs, rollouts and play-action, passing drills, grip, QB/center exchange, pivots, sprint-draw and play-action pass, progression for finding the open receiver, mental and physical preparation for playing QB, reading coverages, and secondary pressure. Wide Receivers, Tight Ends— Personalized attention and instruction by our receiver coaches. The focus of the instruction includes the following: reading coverages, correct pass routes, working back to the ball, catching the ball at the highest point, catching the ball, following the ball to the hands, speed control, how to get open, spotting defensive coverages (man-to-man, zone and combinations), running drills, receiver drills, stance, release, patterns: out, post, hook, curl, post/corner,fade, in, fly, cross, etc. Defensive Backs, Line Backers— Goals of the camp will be to teach fundamental skills, techniques, and reads needed to be a successful defensive back at all levels. Different defenses will be highlighted. The skills covered will include stance and starts, footwork, tackling, run/pass recognition, read and react, and secondary coverage. Offensive Line— Personalized attention and instruction by our O-Line coaches. Special emphasis is given to Pass Protection including the proper use of hands, body lean and placement of feet with regard to the various types of pass offense. Technique and agility drills for the development of quick feet, stance, alignment, defensive recognition, and legal use of hands. CENTERS also drill their exchange technique as well as their blocking technique. Basic lineman fundamentals that pertain to run block will include the following; Stance, flat back, choppy feet, hand placement and finish with attitude. Defensive Line--- Coaches Goal for camp will emphasize the importance of first step and explosive take off. Defensive lineman will be instructed on proper stance for run and pass downs. Time during the clinic will include proper instruction on the following: Shedding blocks, hand placement, Separation on contact, Leverage of weight, pass rush technique, pursuit to the ball and reading linemen helmets. Running Backs--- Personalized attention and instruction by our running back coaches. The focus of the instruction includes the following: Stances, first step, handoff, ball protection, hitting the hole, reading blocks, catching the ball, picking up blocks, and shedding tackles.
This is a non-collision football camp. No additional football equipment will be neccessary.
9:00 Attendance & Meeting  9:10 Stretching & Exercises  9:30 Agility Conditioning Stations   10:20 Offensive or Defensive Drills & Instruction  11:30 Cool Down & Meeting, Autographs  12:00 Parent Pick Up  RSVP at TRAINING DAY ITINERARY
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